Coincidence or Message from the Universe?


What is coincidence? Is it just a seemingly insignificant event that just happens to coincide with another, thus lending meaning to it that isn’t really there? Or is it a message from our greater self/the universe/guides bringing our attention to something useful or important that would otherwise slip by unnoticed and unacknowledged? Well, obviously, I believe the latter or I’d be writing the wrong kind of blog!

This age of virtual technology has brought with it a new avenue for these messages to be transmitted and brought into our awareness. What was once the realm of the less technological, physical world – hearing a song or conversation that mirrors our exact thoughts, a comment in a TV programme, someone calling when we were just thinking about them – is now being played out over the World Wide Web and mobile phones.

Two significant examples stand out for me – significant because they were so timely – both coming at a time when I was particularly low and struggling with my health and emotional state. The first happened last year. I was very ill and felt that I was never going to get through to the other side and back to health. I was trying to stay positive but failing – my symptoms just seemed to be dragging on and on with no sign of improvement. Then I received a text message from someone I didn’t know, and who didn’t know me. Somehow they had managed to send it to my number by mistake. Or was it? On a physical level, yes, it was just the miss hit of a phone key. On a metaphysical level, it was created to get a message to me – of this I have no doubt. (I know that could sound like I think the universe is set up just for my benefit. As we are all one, sharing the same ultimate soul source, living in a holographic universe, that isn’t actually too far off the mark.) This was the text:

Jean keep ur pecker up x soon the good days will outnumber the bad x Chris x

My name isn’t Jean, and I don’t know anyone called Jean, but my name is Kris. I replied to let them know they’d sent it to the wrong number telling them that even though it wasn’t (officially) intended for me, it was just what I needed to hear.
The other ‘coincidence’ happened a couple of weeks ago. I was ill once again and in an even lower place than the one before – only this time I was feeling spiritually adrift and no longer felt connected to anyone, physically or spiritually. I felt very scared and alone. As I sat down to eat with my partner, we put on Top of the Tops . I wasn’t really interested and only half listened to the opening music as I picked at my food. The first band on was Hot Chocolate (a band I used to love), singing ‘I’ll Put You Together Again’, a song I hadn’t heard in years. As Errol Brown began singing, the tears streamed down my cheeks. Each line, each verse, seemed to speak directly to me, totally capturing my sense of hopelessness and isolation.

I’d asked my guides for help. Something that would show me I wasn’t alone in my spiritual crisis. I can’t deny that this particular song, at that particular time gave me the comfort and reassurance I needed to get through: just as the text had.

The thing is, it doesn’t really matter if the conventional, commonly held belief to coincidence is true or if it’s more a metaphysical happening. The important thing is what meaning we give it and how we respond. There may be meaning in every single little detail that litters our days, but it would truly drive us doolally if we lived our lives trying to figure out the message held within those details. However, when the universe conspires to present you with an event that means something, that is clearly significant, it’s important to pay attention and take on board whatever it’s trying to tell you. As you allow more and more of these special moments to have meaning (and there’ll be no doubting which ones they are), the more you will be supported and guided to create and bring magic into your life.

(See also my post on Consciousness Travels for more on Spiritual Crisis)

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An (almost) Out of Body Experience

Soul-Leaving-the-Body-by-Schiavonetti-1808-300x215[1]I wanted to share an experience I had recently. It’s the closest I’ve come to having an OOBE in ages, and was very different to what I have experienced in the past.

I was trying to have a nap in the afternoon as I was really tired. As soon as I lay on the settee my mind began to flit from thought to thought, idea to idea. I kept dismissing them so that I could sleep and thought it typical that I would come awake as soon as I lay down! After a little while I became aware that I was wide awake in my head but that my body felt really heavy. I idly thought about the Monroe Hemi-sync stuff and having OOBE‘s and how it doesn’t seem to be happening for me, and decided that from now on, I would concentrate on connecting with my guides instead and not even try to leave my body. Not in a, ‘I give up, what’s the point?’ kind of way. Earlier, whilst listening to an Abraham CD, I’d felt a powerful connection to my guides and wondered if perhaps being able to have OOBE’s would generally be too distracting. I’ve also wondered if being able to have OOBE’s at will would result in me choosing to be out of physical most of the time – especially when I’m ill – and so it’s best if I don’t learn how to do it.
Within moments of thinking this, I had a hypnogogic ‘scene’ of an older woman inviting me to take a seat. I instantaneously knew that I was on the verge of an OOBE and that that was what she was telling me. Suddenly, I had a powerful ‘star-burst’ in my head. It exploded out and filled my head, neck and shoulders with a feeling of intense energy and the sound of what I can only describe as radio waves or static. I was really excited, but tried to stay calm. Unfortunately, my heart was beating really fast and I lost the sensation. I tried to calm my breathing down (without taking a deep breath), and the energy returned, just not as powerfully as the first time. This time, I was able to momentarily move the energy down my body. When it reached my genitals, I felt intense sexual pleasure. As tempting as it was to linger, I decided that I wouldn’t allow myself to be distracted by the sensation as I wanted to experience being in control of the sensation, but it seemed that even in thinking that, I lost it. I lay for a while trying to get it back, but I was too excited and wanted to share it with my partner!!

I’m sure doing TMI Hemi-Sync tracks prepared me to be able to stay as calm as I did: almost like I’d been expecting something and so was able to stay in the feeling instead of analysing and commenting on it in my head as I usually do when I experience something of this nature. It’s a start, and one I intend to build on if ever I get the feeling again.

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The ‘Dead’ Grieve Too

Grieving dead

Since my ‘channelling’ experience with my nephew, I’ve been wondering how it could possibly happen on a more regular basis. It seemed all the stars and planets were aligned to enable it to happen at that time in that way, and so I couldn’t imagine how I would develop this form of communication in any kind of practical, easily accessible way. I needn’t have worried. Last week, I was once again the ‘channeller’ of the strong emotions of someone who had passed only very recently.

My friend ‘M’, died quite unexpectedly after being in hospital for about 5 weeks. It may sound like so long in hospital couldn’t really qualify for ‘out of the blue’, but no-one had any inkling that things were that serious for him. He went in for some tests which would hopefully identify the problem and allow them to treat him accordingly. It seemed that no sooner had he had the diagnosis (in his 3rd week), that it became very apparent just how ill he was. His condition worsened and he made his transition very soon after.

I’ve been visiting with his wife, ‘J’ every week since. She shares my metaphysical beliefs and is a huge fan of Abraham’s teachings. Naturally, each time I visit we talk about dying and what lies beyond death. We also speculate about the timing of attempting to make contact with her much missed husband. Should we give him space to acclimatise to his situation? Is he in the after-life version of a hospital recovering from his illness? Is he processing his life’s learning? We both agreed that we would always be ready to communicate if it became clear that he was ready, but that we wouldn’t force the issue.

Last week, joined by another like-minded friend, it was agreed that we could at least contact our guides to ask them our questions around making contact with ‘M’. As we often do, we began by using our version of the Ouija Board (shot glass and Scrabble tiles). Contact was hesitant, often random and confusing, and very slow. However, we did get some useful answers and when that happened we would stop to discuss the possible meanings.

It was during one of these breaks that I began to feel the now familiar sensations that something was coming through. We’d already been told that this wasn’t a good time for ‘M’ to contact us, but that ‘J’, as she suspected, had indeed felt his love on several occasions. We were discussing the message that the guides were helping ‘M’; and that, despite ‘M’ not being ready to communicate using words or thoughts, his emotions were still very real and accessible, which allowed his love for ‘J’ to come through so strongly.  I was elaborating on this when I began to get very emotional – something I now recognise as the ‘calling card’ of someone who has passed: it’s how they let me know they are there and wanting to come through.

Sir George Clausen: Youth Mourning

As with my nephew, I began to cry, only thankfully it wasn’t anywhere near as overwhelming. I could feel frustration, confusion and anger – none of which were my own emotions. I knew that ‘M’ was furious about going when he did. He hadn’t been prepared to leave so quickly. He was also frustrated that he wouldn’t be able to accomplish the things he and ‘J’ had planned to do together or continue with the work he loved. This was something I knew ‘J’ was struggling with, but I never imagined for a second that ‘M’ might also be experiencing grief in such a way.

Therapist Elizabeth Kubler-Ross worked extensively with the terminally ill. She is famous for introducing the hypothesis that there are five emotional stages to grieving: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. I believe that both ‘J’ and ‘M’ were in the denial stage whilst he was in hospital, as both seemed unable to take in information about his condition that may have resulted in them realising how ill he actually was. I now believe ‘M’, more so than ‘J’, is in the anger stage. He cannot accept, not so much what has happened, but the fact that it happened the way, and when, it did. He didn’t feel ready.

This understanding led us to explore ways in which ‘J’ can help ‘M’ with releasing his anger and frustration so that he can come to accept what has happened and begin the process of adjustment. She has often voiced her pain over the fact that they will never do the things they had planned as they continued to grow old together. This is one aspect of coming to terms with her loss that she now realises is important for her to let go of in order to assist ‘M’ to reach a place of acceptance (and, of course, for herself).

I’d never before considered that someone who has made their final transition could share the grieving emotions being experienced by those left behind. I knew from previous channellings and Ouija sessions that the recently passed can be held back from completing their transition process by the intense emotions of their grieving loved ones. It now appears that the recently passed can also be held in their own cycle of grieving for their lost physical life for as long as their loved ones continue with that emotion. I have helped many clients through the grieving process, believing that it was only they that were being affected by their strong emotions. I now realise that in helping the grieving this side of ‘the veil’, we also help those on the other side.

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My First Real Experience as a Medium

Let go

One of the biggest ‘psychic’ developments that I’ve recently experienced involved a young relative (whom I’ll call, AJ) who was having extreme personal and family difficulties. The psychic event that took place whilst I was working with him was totally unexpected.  He had come to stay in order to have a break from the stresses of his life at home. As a therapist, I wouldn’t usually work with family or friends, but he was so desperate and I was worried for his safety. His main problem was around the fact that his father had been murdered three years ago. As there was a murder inquiry, he wasn’t allowed to see the body for almost five weeks. When he was finally allowed to see him, the awful image of his father’s, by now shrunken body, had haunted him ever since. Read the rest of this entry »

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Coming Out as a Channel – My Secret Life’s No Secret Anymore


Something big has happened for me in the past couple of weeks – I’ve come out as a Metaphysical Therapist and Channel. No big deal I suppose if you’re the type of person who finds it easy to casually drop that kind of information into conversation. However, although I’m happy to talk about my beliefs and philosophies with those I feel are sympathetic, I’ve always shied away from broadcasting the fact to all and sundry – particularly certain members of my family!

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Let’s Get (Meta)Physical!

ImageHello and welcome to my new Blog all about Metaphysical Living!

What that means for me is exploring our inner world in ways that enable us to expand our awareness and experience of being spiritual beings in physical bodies. 

Within these pages you will find articles about metaphysical experiences – through dreams, out of body experiences, channelling, and communicating with those who have passed. These are undoubtedly exciting and challenging times for us all and it would be easy to forget that we are here to experience what it is to be physical in all its glory, joy and suffering. Perhaps what you read on these pages will challenge your view of the world and spirituality. If that happens, then please let me know – I’d be happy to explore these areas with you.

Check out my About page to find out who I am and how I have arrived at this stage in my life. If you’re interested in Channelling then you could also visit the blog I share with my friend and colleague, Delcia McNeil:

Thanks for reading and I hope you come back to visit again soon! 🙂

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