An (almost) Out of Body Experience

20 Nov

Soul-Leaving-the-Body-by-Schiavonetti-1808-300x215[1]I wanted to share an experience I had recently. It’s the closest I’ve come to having an OOBE in ages, and was very different to what I have experienced in the past.

I was trying to have a nap in the afternoon as I was really tired. As soon as I lay on the settee my mind began to flit from thought to thought, idea to idea. I kept dismissing them so that I could sleep and thought it typical that I would come awake as soon as I lay down! After a little while I became aware that I was wide awake in my head but that my body felt really heavy. I idly thought about the Monroe Hemi-sync stuff and having OOBE‘s and how it doesn’t seem to be happening for me, and decided that from now on, I would concentrate on connecting with my guides instead and not even try to leave my body. Not in a, ‘I give up, what’s the point?’ kind of way. Earlier, whilst listening to an Abraham CD, I’d felt a powerful connection to my guides and wondered if perhaps being able to have OOBE’s would generally be too distracting. I’ve also wondered if being able to have OOBE’s at will would result in me choosing to be out of physical most of the time – especially when I’m ill – and so it’s best if I don’t learn how to do it.
Within moments of thinking this, I had a hypnogogic ‘scene’ of an older woman inviting me to take a seat. I instantaneously knew that I was on the verge of an OOBE and that that was what she was telling me. Suddenly, I had a powerful ‘star-burst’ in my head. It exploded out and filled my head, neck and shoulders with a feeling of intense energy and the sound of what I can only describe as radio waves or static. I was really excited, but tried to stay calm. Unfortunately, my heart was beating really fast and I lost the sensation. I tried to calm my breathing down (without taking a deep breath), and the energy returned, just not as powerfully as the first time. This time, I was able to momentarily move the energy down my body. When it reached my genitals, I felt intense sexual pleasure. As tempting as it was to linger, I decided that I wouldn’t allow myself to be distracted by the sensation as I wanted to experience being in control of the sensation, but it seemed that even in thinking that, I lost it. I lay for a while trying to get it back, but I was too excited and wanted to share it with my partner!!

I’m sure doing TMI Hemi-Sync tracks prepared me to be able to stay as calm as I did: almost like I’d been expecting something and so was able to stay in the feeling instead of analysing and commenting on it in my head as I usually do when I experience something of this nature. It’s a start, and one I intend to build on if ever I get the feeling again.

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