My name is Kris and this is my new Blog.

I was born in Liverpool, where I did many amazing things including having two gorgeous daughters. In 2004, I moved to the Lake District with my partner, Paddy.

Whilst in Liverpool, I spent several years as a professional actor; worked as a teaching assistant in a school for visually impaired children; wrote three supernatural books; gained a certificate in Adult Education and Training; and began my career as a personal development facilitator and workshop leader. I also qualified in: Hypno-psychotherapy, Dream therapy, Aromatherapy, Colour therapy, Bach Flower remedies.

After moving to the Lake District, I finally went to university (in Liverpool, of all places!), where I studied for an MA in Screenwriting. I have also undertaken training in Documentary film-making. In 2009, I produced the metaphysical Source Energy magazine, and began running Believing is Seeing workshops based on the Law of Attraction. I also facilitate workshops on Core Beliefs and I am currently writing a book on this subject. I have also written metaphysical articles for several magazines and e-zines, and have a newsletter called ‘Metaphysical Living’, which is pretty much like this blog, but with articles about films and books, and pieces written by guest contributors.

In 2011, my partner, Paddy, and I began to use a make-shift version of a Ouija Board (Scrabble tiles and a shot glass!) to communicate with discarnate energies. This then developed into channelling my guide, Watcher. (For more information about this, please visit my other blog where you will find explanations of Channelling, using the Ouija Board for guidance and other aspects of Intuitive communication.) This has now expanded and I have recently begun to receive messages from family members that have passed out of physical.

Along with Paddy and my friend, Delcia, I have also recently been introduced to The Monroe Institute. We are now all embarking on exciting journeys of discovery as we explore our own unique inner dimensions and landscapes.

As well as all of this, I am a Metaphysical Therapist using such therapies and approaches as: Inner Child work, Core Belief therapy, Meta-Medicine, Channelling, Law of Attraction, Dreams, Hypnotherapy, Past (other) Life therapy and Counselling.


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