Soul Travel


An OOBE or OBE is what used to be commonly known as Astral Projection. This is when your energy body leaves your physical body – something it apparently does every night while we sleep. there are many myths around OOBE’s, one of which being that if you break the silver cord – that some people beleive attaches the energy or astral body to the physical body – you will die. How anyone knows this, I’m not sure, given that if it snaps you’re dead and can’t very well tell people not to break it! I’m being flippant, but really, my belief is that if there is a cord of some kind (and there are many travellers that deny it’s existence) it is only possible for it to break when we have died, but during an OOBE.

The Monroe Institute in Virginia, USA, are pioneers of this form of consciousness exploration. It’s founder, Robert Monroe began having spontaneous OOBE’s back in the 50’s and for a time, he believed that he may have been ill or losing his mind. Many physical and mental checks later, he was reassured that all was well and realised that something extraordinary was happening. Being the kind of man he was, he went on to experiment and explore these experiences over many years. From these experiments came the Monroe Institute and now people all over the world can develop their ability to explore consciousness in their own way using Robert Monroe’s, Hemi-Sync technology.

When communicating with my own guides via the Ouija board, the OOBE was described as Soul Travel, which I really like. I prefer it to Astral (which has New Age connotations for me) and OOBE (which implies that we leave our body and move around like a ghost), because it describes an experience of energy or consciousness, which of course never leaves the body because there is no body to leave! All is energy, and there is no ‘out there’ only ‘in here’.


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