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Coincidence or Message from the Universe?


What is coincidence? Is it just a seemingly insignificant event that just happens to coincide with another, thus lending meaning to it that isn’t really there? Or is it a message from our greater self/the universe/guides bringing our attention to something useful or important that would otherwise slip by unnoticed and unacknowledged? Well, obviously, I believe the latter or I’d be writing the wrong kind of blog!

This age of virtual technology has brought with it a new avenue for these messages to be transmitted and brought into our awareness. What was once the realm of the less technological, physical world – hearing a song or conversation that mirrors our exact thoughts, a comment in a TV programme, someone calling when we were just thinking about them – is now being played out over the World Wide Web and mobile phones.

Two significant examples stand out for me – significant because they were so timely – both coming at a time when I was particularly low and struggling with my health and emotional state. The first happened last year. I was very ill and felt that I was never going to get through to the other side and back to health. I was trying to stay positive but failing – my symptoms just seemed to be dragging on and on with no sign of improvement. Then I received a text message from someone I didn’t know, and who didn’t know me. Somehow they had managed to send it to my number by mistake. Or was it? On a physical level, yes, it was just the miss hit of a phone key. On a metaphysical level, it was created to get a message to me – of this I have no doubt. (I know that could sound like I think the universe is set up just for my benefit. As we are all one, sharing the same ultimate soul source, living in a holographic universe, that isn’t actually too far off the mark.) This was the text:

Jean keep ur pecker up x soon the good days will outnumber the bad x Chris x

My name isn’t Jean, and I don’t know anyone called Jean, but my name is Kris. I replied to let them know they’d sent it to the wrong number telling them that even though it wasn’t (officially) intended for me, it was just what I needed to hear.
The other ‘coincidence’ happened a couple of weeks ago. I was ill once again and in an even lower place than the one before – only this time I was feeling spiritually adrift and no longer felt connected to anyone, physically or spiritually. I felt very scared and alone. As I sat down to eat with my partner, we put on Top of the Tops . I wasn’t really interested and only half listened to the opening music as I picked at my food. The first band on was Hot Chocolate (a band I used to love), singing ‘I’ll Put You Together Again’, a song I hadn’t heard in years. As Errol Brown began singing, the tears streamed down my cheeks. Each line, each verse, seemed to speak directly to me, totally capturing my sense of hopelessness and isolation.

I’d asked my guides for help. Something that would show me I wasn’t alone in my spiritual crisis. I can’t deny that this particular song, at that particular time gave me the comfort and reassurance I needed to get through: just as the text had.

The thing is, it doesn’t really matter if the conventional, commonly held belief to coincidence is true or if it’s more a metaphysical happening. The important thing is what meaning we give it and how we respond. There may be meaning in every single little detail that litters our days, but it would truly drive us doolally if we lived our lives trying to figure out the message held within those details. However, when the universe conspires to present you with an event that means something, that is clearly significant, it’s important to pay attention and take on board whatever it’s trying to tell you. As you allow more and more of these special moments to have meaning (and there’ll be no doubting which ones they are), the more you will be supported and guided to create and bring magic into your life.

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